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Mission Statement

 The purpose of this Association shall be to heighten the status of and develop markets for Japanese food in America. We seek to revitalize the prevalence of Japanese food and culture through organizational activities such as collaborating with Japanese restaurants to facilitate catering to offices, supporting education for restaurants on topics like the history of Japanese food, human resources tips, and culinary techniques, as well as assisting Japanese restaurants to address the major challenges they face today.

我々の活動を通し、米国における日本の料理発展と、日本食教育、人材育成、日本食技術向上、および様々な問題解決を行い日本食市場の活性化と日本食文化の普及を通じて、日本食レストランや事業所給食等を結びつけ 日本食の一層の発展と復興に寄与することを目的としております。


 In order to achieve the above purpose, this organization shall engage in the following operations and activities:

  1. Research and promote Japanese culinary skills, cooking techniques, food culture, and foodservice industry.
  2. Provide education and training for chefs of Japanese cuisine and develop human resources for the advancement of Japanese food and food culture.
  3. Promote international exchange and cultivate connections within the Japanese food and food culture industries. 
  4. Research on the importing and promotion of food materials and ingredients made in Japan, including PR activities to promote their import and sales and ways to coordinate with Japanese food distributors and trading companies on issues such as import restrictions. 
  5. Assist in building solutions to the challenges common among Japanese food restaurants.
  6. Provide recommendations and/or suggestions to governmental legislative and administrative agencies concerning policies and measures specific to the operation of Japanese restaurants. 
  7. Provide recommendations on the improvement of Japanese food hygiene and sanitation management.
  8. Facilitate communication between members through information exchange and peer-to-peer seminars. 
  9. Collaborate with the foodservice industry, food culture organizations, and culinary schools in the U.S. to provide assistance with administering Japanese cuisine courses.
  10. PR activities to promote Japanese food culture and ingredients, including products made in Japan, Japanese beverages, and alcohol (such as sake, shochu, awamori, and whiskey).
  11. Gather and present research on the U.S. foodservice industry and potential solutions for the improvement of food and lifestyle in the U.S. 
  12. Consumer advertisement research and development. 

Other organizational activities necessary to achieve our purpose include:

  1. Information management concerning Japanese food restaurants, etc.
  2. Listing and management of corporate information on our homepage, etc.
  3. Running ads on our website.
  4. Supporting seminars, training, and tradeshows to increase the prevalence of Japanese food.
  5. Publication of books.


(1) 日本の食・食文化、フードサービス産業を含む技術に関する調査研究並びに促進事業
(2) 日本の食・食文化の進歩発展の為の料理人教育および人材育成事業
(3) 日本食・食文化国際交流推進に関する事業
(4) 日本産食材、日本食レストラン普及等にかんする事業。輸出促進等にかんする調査研究及び輸入販売促進PR事業等
(5) 日本食レストラン関連に関する共通問題等の解決
(6) 立法・行政機関に対する提言および行政施策の実施に関する協力
(7) 日本食衛生管理の向上等に関する事業
(8) 会員相互間の交流を図り情報交換および食品食材に関する勉強会セミナー等
(10) 米国国内における外食産業・食文化団体・料理学校との交流および日本調理課程の設置支援
(11) 日本食材や日本産に関する商品及び日本の飲料、アルコール等(日本酒・焼酎・泡盛・ウィスキー等)を含めた日本の食文化にまつわる広報活動
(12) 米国フードサービス産業および食品生活向上における情報収集、提供、調査、教育、および広報



Board of Directors and Advisors


Interim President
Rona Tison
EVP Itoen North America
Vice President
Daisuke Nakazawa
Sushi Nakazawa
Taiki Wakayama
W&E Hospitality

Daisuke Nakazawa
Sushi Nakazawa

Vice President
Takashi Sato
San J Int’l, Inc.​

Rona Tison
EVP Itoen North America

Kazutaka Mori
Retired Partner KPMG

Board Member

Taiki Wakayama
W&E Hospitality

Board Member

Tadao Yoshida
Yoshida Development Inc

Board Member
El Kamada
Sushi Ann

Board Member
Ami Nakanishi
Mutual Trading

Board Member
Makoto Suzuki
Brooklyn Ball Factory

Board Member
Tomoko Oomori
Go Go Curry

Board Member
Erina Yoshida
Angel Share

Board Member
Keita Sato
Hatsuhana Restaruant

Chikako Ichihara
Azix, Inc

CAO/ Legal 
John McCarthy


NPO, Gov Affair
Motoatsu Sakurai

Takaaki Nakajima

Advisor Japan NPO Kazutaka Kato

Board Member
Yosuke Honjo
Itoen North America, Inc.

Health & Hygiene
Josh Oonishi

Dr.Kumiko Ninomiya
UIC Info Cente

Advisor Restaurant
Nobu Matsuhisa
Nobu Restaurant​

Advisor Restaurant
Yasuhiro Makoshi
Restaurant Nippon

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